Featured Product: The Essential Oil Travel Case

 Today I'm featuring the brand new product, the Essential Oil Travel Case!

This item was released merely a few months ago and it has very quickly become a fan favorite! I had no idea you guys loved oils as much as I do! 

 The inspiration behind this bag was to provide a place to store your larger collection of oils neatly and safely. You guys have loved the 5-pocket Essential Oil Roll for carrying your daily oils along with you in your purse/backpack...but it was time for me to create something for holding ALLLLLL of your oily collection!

5-Pocket Essential Oil Roll

Essential Oil Travel Case in Blush Art Deco

This circular case is lined with a sturdy interfacing, as well as felt for providing cushion and support for the glass bottles inside. There is a cushioned handle at the top for easy handling, as well. It holds 5mL, 10mL and 15mL bottles safely and snugly within the pockets. There are 10 pockets lining the inside of the bag and two detachable fabric rolls which hold 10 bottles each. This means this bag can hold 30+ essential oil bottles!

A fellow Münchener and doTerra distributer requested one of these custom-made from me and that is where it all began! Here's what she had to say about her new oil bag:

"Ich bin total verliebt in meine Custom Made Tasche für meine Öle. Alison hat mich super beraten um den perfekten Style und die perfekte Farbkombination zu finden. Die Artikel, die sie in ihrem Shop verkauft sind mit soviel Liebe und in bester Qualität gemacht, man findet immer ein Geschenk oder behält es gleich selbst 😬"

"I'm totally in love with my Custom Made bag for my oils. Alison gave me great advice to find the perfect style and color combination. The items they sell in their shop are made with so much love and in the best quality, you will always find a gift or keep it yourself 😬"

So far, everyone seems to be loving them!

"I've been looking for the perfect oil bag and storage for ages! This ticks all the boxes, its also beautifully made, great colors and just looks really really pretty! Definitely would recommend! XO"

I'm so happy that you're loving your new bags! <3

Also...If you're looking for something in the middle...holding more oils than the 5-pocket roll and fewer than this 30-oil bottle case...I've also released these adorable 10-15 bottle zipper pouches for holding all of your oil bottles and rollers!

Essential Oil Pouch

XOXO Alison

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