An Interview with Beyond You Awake

Below is an interview held by Anna of the brand Beyond You Awake, which offers ceremonial cacao, astrologically inspired handmade jewelry and more. We discuss our collaboration in designing and creating these lovely self-care products, as well as some questions about my brand and values. I hope you enjoy!

Hi Alison, what are your products about and what is your intention behind WanderessGear?

The inspiration behind Wanderess Gear is derived of 3 things: my love of design, organization and travel. I aim to create quality products which are functional, versatile and contemporary. I design accessories to bring both form and function to your daily life and travels.       

What are your values when it comes to quality, sustainability and handcrafted pieces?

I deeply value the practice of creating things by hand. I believe in a world which continues to value handcrafted pieces of all forms, as it is what brings originality and a human quality which cannot be replicated. I believe handmade items possess a level of quality that often cannot be surpassed by machine-made items. Each piece which is handmade possesses a bit of the individual who made it, which makes the product that much more unique. Sustainability is a value of mine which has become increasingly more important to me as I grow in my business. I prioritize facets of sustainability, such as: incorporating ethically-sourced materials when possible, reducing waste in my production, recycling/upcycling materials and supporting my local community.

Where do you get your fabrics from and where do you get your inspiration to come up with new designs?

I purchase most of my fabrics along my travels! I find that this gives my finished pieces that much more of an individualized story and lends to the wanderlust spirit! I come up with most of my ideas through recognizing a need—whether it is personal or that of someone I know—and creating a product which serves that need. I am also very inspired by a variety of styles, including: vintage florals, Art Deco and bohemian.

What is your idea behind the ‘Essential Oil Roll’ & ‘Eye Pillow’?

The Essential Oil Roll is for the oil-lover who wants to safely bring their favorite oils along with them--wherever they go--in a handy, cushioned roll! As for the Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow, these are made with organic wheatberries and lavender to be used hot or cold. You can use them to enjoy the ultimate relaxation during Savasana, relaxation during travel and for any type of meditation.


Eye Pillow Wanderess Gear Beyond You Awake 

Wanderess Gear Essential Oil Roll Beyond You Awake

Which is your favourite essential oil at the moment and what other self-care rituals do you like?

My favorite essential oil at the moment is Clary Sage. I find the earthy smell to be very relaxing and grounding. My favorite self-care rituals are to practice Yin Yoga, to read and to take a long, scented bath. Add candles to any of these to increase enjoyment!! 😊

What do you like about co-creation and connecting with other creatives and entrepreneurs?

I absolutely love co-creating and collaborating with other creatives because it allows us to support and inspire one another. I also believe that together we are stronger and go further. I have such gratitude for my creative community more than ever since this pandemic hit!

What do you love about traveling and which places are still on your bucket list?

I love catching glimpses of the way that other people in the world live and travel feeds my curiosities! Of course, I also love admiring new scenery…whether it is a new city or a natural landscape (I am more of a nature-loving girl, so the countryside is probably my favorite). The next spots on my bucket list are: Helsinki, Finland and Edinburgh, Scotland!

Be sure to check out Anna's shop Beyond You Awake to see our co-creation, as well as a cacao, handmade jewelry and more magic!

XOXO Alison

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