This Summer


Hi my friends!

Today I wanted to pop in and share a little behind the scenes of what business has looked like lately for Wanderess Gear! This is my third summer and a lot has progressed since I first officially began my small business. I'm super stoked to watch this brand take on a life of its own and grow into something which has brought joy to many people! This is the real success for me.

Something I've picked up on over the years is that you begin to anticipate certain "ebbs and flows" when running your own small business. As each season comes to a close, you notice which times of the year call for different things. This can look like using the calmer months for building inventory, planning and designing new collections, learning and research, reaching out to new stockists and/or collaborations, tech work, writing content, that when the busier months come (typically Spring time and the months leading to Christmas) you have set yourself up for success by planning ahead.

Well, this year has taken on an entirely new rhythm of its own from the previous 2 years!! Call it post-lockdown "Revenge Spending" (this is a real thing) or whatever you like, but I have had the busiest summer yet! Perhaps my busiest season PERIOD. My newest products, the Essential Oil Travel Case and the Essential Oil Boxed Zipper Pouch have been so well-received and I'm thrilled to have met the needs of some of my fellow essential oil lovers!

Essential Oil Case and Boxed Zipper Pouch in French Blue Design

I'm also learning that all of this increased time in front of the sewing machine/computer means I need to prioritize time for my yoga practice. ;) #thingsyouneversaybefore30

Yoga Mat Carrier in Southwest Ikat Design

With the type of work I'm doing, I find that I am always learning something new and I absolutely love this. With every new challenge, I am able to try new things (a lot of trial and error) and experiment in search of new outcomes. It is a very rewarding--although of course sometimes overwhelming--feeling to solely be in charge of all aspects of a business and to observe changes and progress take place. There is always something I could be doing better...some process to be improved...a sales avenue to discover...but I choose to focus on one thing at a time and doing it well. As I go along, I add more to my plate and work towards perfecting it. This is how I have been operating thus far and I'm thankful for the people I've been able to reach at this point in my journey. In time, I aim to be able to outsource some work so that I can focus most on what I do best and hopefully reach even more people. <3

I'm still not where I want to be one day, but I'm super thankful of how far I've come and to the people who have helped me get here! Thank you to all of you who have supported and followed my passion over the past 3 years. Thank you for choosing me over a big box store and investing in a local economy. These small actions add up to make such a profound difference. You guys are really the BEST. Soak up all of those last precious golden hours of summer!


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