Welcome Wanderess!

Hi there!

So, I'm trying something new...well, kind of...

This would actually be the second blog I've started. The first being one my husband (then boyfriend) and I began in 2012 to document our experience traveling and working as English teachers in Thailand. I've always enjoyed writing, but I haven't always been as comfortable sharing myself freely online. Well...starting my own small business has brought out a lot in me which I didn't let's try another something new! Why not? ;)

I thought I would start this new addition to my business with a little intro...

My name is Alison; I am 31 years old, an INFJ-T, the middle child of my family and an American, residing in Munich, Germany for about 3 years now. I love to travel, kiss my dog too much (perhaps more than my husband), read, write, watch dark murder mystery TV shows, hike, camp, do yoga and CREATE. My business, Wanderess Gear, is a one-woman show--I do all of the designing, sewing, marketing, pricing, customer support, you name it... perhaps not perfectly, as I believe in continuous improvement...but all on my own. I love sharing my creations and bringing others joy. 


Anyways, I've made some excellent friends through this creative journey of mine and it has all happened as a result of putting myself out there. So instead of what can feel like writing into this huge abyss, I will imagine I am writing directly to you--to my own little community of friends and supporters! I hope to use this space to engage a little bit more personally with you, while sharing some more of my process, inspiration and heart behind Wanderess Gear.

XOXO Alison

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  • Love this Alison!! Excited to read more from you 😃✨💗


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