Catch-All Fully-Lined Zipper Pouch || Purse Organizer || Green Pinstripe Design

Catch-All Fully-Lined Zipper Pouch || Purse Organizer || Green Pinstripe Design

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This brass-zippered pouch with a little leather tassel pull is an excellent addition to your Wanderess travel essentials. Its’ lay-flat design allows for discreet storage with minimal added bulk, when filled simply with coupons, money, tickets, paper, etc. However, with its 9.5” x 6” dimensions, it can also be filled rather fully, with any of your on-the-go needs, such as: tissues, lotion, makeup, essential oil rollers, your cellphone, keys, etc. The options are endless. I find that having compartments such as these really make finding a particular item much simpler, when searching through a larger tote/market bag or backpack.

Complete with a genuine leather logo label for added personality.


9.5" L x 6" W

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The color combinations listed are what I have currently available, but I can also make to order. Please feel free to message me with any special order requests!

🔖Want to add some personalization to your accessories?

Select "Personalized" for 3€ extra to add a special touch to your order. Each genuine leather label is hand-stamped by me, with the addition of antique brass rivets for securing the label(s) to your item.


🧼Cleaning Instructions🧽


*All products are sprayed with Scotchguard fabric and leather protector, which helps protect your product against stains and liquids.*


Spot cleaning:

Dip a soft cloth into a mild liquid soap mixed with warm water, squeeze out excess liquid, and blot away grime. Rinse the cloth under running water to remove suds, then wring well; use it to wipe the soap off your bag. Finally, with a clean, absorbent cloth (like a dishtowel), buff leather or blot fabric dry.