Drawstring Tote Bag with Exterior Pockets || Handbag || Crafters Bag || Beach Bag || Organic Cotton Palms Print

Drawstring Tote Bag with Exterior Pockets || Handbag || Crafters Bag || Beach Bag || Organic Cotton Palms Print

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Check out this versatile organizational tote bag! This bag is specially made with a medium-weight organic cotton white and teal palm print. 🌴🏝️ The contrasting teal fabric is a Oeko-Tex cotton. Together this combination makes for playful, but simple design which goes beautifully with summer outfits.

This bag is a really versatile size—it can be used as a beach bag, picnic bag, market/shopping bag or handbag. If the drawstring top is left loose and open, it is more like a tote...while if you pull the drawstrings tightly, it is more like a handbag and protects the contents.

Grab this bag and put your suit, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks and a book...and you are set for a day at the beach! Or take it to the farmers market...or downtown. I have also found it to make an excellent crafters bag to bring your projects on the go! Picture your knitting, embroidery or any art supplies all organized to bring with you on your morning train commute. It’s a really sweet and fun way to add some color to your outfit and keep your belongings sorted, with its large interior pocket, smaller inner pocket and 4 exterior pockets.

🧼Cleaning Instructions🧽

*All products are sprayed with Scotchguard fabric and leather protector, which helps protect your product against stains and liquids.*

Spot cleaning:
Dip a soft cloth into a mild liquid soap mixed with warm water, squeeze out excess liquid, and blot away grime. Rinse the cloth under running water to remove suds, then wring well; use it to wipe the soap off your bag. Finally, with a clean, absorbent cloth (like a dishtowel), buff leather or blot fabric dry.

The color combinations listed are what I have currently available, but I can also make to order. Please feel free to message me with any special order requests!