Passport Wallet || Travel || Dusty Rose Leaf

Passport Wallet || Travel || Dusty Rose Leaf

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A Wanderess--or Wanderer--essential!

Keep your passport secured in a cute two-pattern snap wallet. This is an item you absolutely don't want to misplace and this wallet safely keeps your passport while also adding a touch of personality while at it. I like to slip my boarding pass in the wallet, as well, for easy access!

Complete with a genuine leather “PASSPORT” label.

||Dimensions|| 5.75" L x 4" W

The color combinations listed are what I have currently available, but I can also make to order. Please feel free to message me with any special order requests! 🧼Cleaning Instructions🧽 *All products are sprayed with Scotchguard fabric and leather protector, which helps protect your product against stains and liquids.* Spot cleaning: Dip a soft cloth into a mild liquid soap mixed with warm water, squeeze out excess liquid, and blot away grime. Rinse the cloth under running water to remove suds, then wring well; use it to wipe the soap off your bag. Finally, with a clean, absorbent cloth (like a dishtowel), buff leather or blot fabric dry.